Mr. Bradshaw is a Georgia licensed electrical contractor and has been working with R & L for the last 7 years.   Prior to that he was employed with the CSX Mechanical Group for 25 years with 15 years in management. He left CSX in 2004 to become an Electrical and General Contractor. After joining R & L he has worked on multiple projects in various locations.

This group is dedicated to managing the technical services as listed for industrial customers.   The management team consists of Robert M. Herrin and Derrick W. Bradshaw. Both with years of experience and both skilled as hands-on field technicians.

Mr. Herrin has 35 plus  years experience in managing and providing technical services to the manufacturing industry.  After working as a consulting engineer for many large corporations he formed R & L Technical services Inc in 1978 which has grown into R & L Engineering.  They are located in Albany, Georgia and is a turn-key full service engineering firm with a UL approved electrical panel shop,    In 1981 Mr. Herrin formed R & L Manufacturing Inc currently located in Vero Beach, Florida.  This firm manufacturers a line of packaging equipment and associated machinery.  The automation skills made them a preferred vendor.   Mr. Herrin sold his interest in the engineering group in 1997 and put a lot of effort in the manufacturing group.  He currently has 32 issued patents.